The Development of a 2-year-old Toddler

Parent’s struggle with raising a child begins at this age. This is why parents have to learn how to raise their children beginning in this age.

Thinking Development

Cognitive development is essential for a child in this age.

  • Playing is how a child can develop her cognition
  • A child will be able to point to name many things such as toys, animals and foods. She will enjoy looking at pictures and books. Actually, she can recognize a photo of herself.
  • Two-year old child will be able to sort and match. And you can encourage your child by pointing the things that match.
  • If your child has heard action songs, she will be able to perform some of the actions along with the song.
  • A child can follow simple instructions. Play begins around age two. Children will initiate what they see their parents do around the house, like sweeping or washing dishes. This shows what she is thinking with more understanding when she can pretend by putting her dolly in a box pretending the box is a bed.

Language and Development

The two year old vocabulary increases and improves.

  • The two0-iyear old typically knows and uses 200 to 300 words like nouns, names of family members, pets and toys. Some may use a few pronouns and favourite words may be “no”, “me” “mine”.
  • You will be hearing sentences of 2-3 words long such as “I don’t like”. There are minor pronunciations such as “tat” for “cat” are made.
  • She understands the power of no and will use it often. She communicates with few words, body language, facial expressions.
  • When too much anger and frustration, she will have a tantrum.
  • She enjoys others speak and she repeats some of their words.
  • A 2-year old child can understand simple instructions so she can respond to you.
  • She will also begin to have questions about everything around them. A chicken pecking, a dog barking, what are they doing? A child can learn more words by talking about what they are doing. They will respond to you since they can express what they are doing.

Social and Emotional Development

A child begins to be able to learn with others.

  • Tantrum is very normal when she doesn’t get her way. She needs to control her intense feelings. Stay calm when your child is having a tantrum because this helps your child to calm himself. A child may show deviant behaviour and you shall redirect him.
  • At this age, a child feels anxious and upset when they are separated from their parents.
  • A child will become increasingly interested in playing with other children. Give your child regular chances to play with children her age for her to develop friendships, cooperation and sharing. Playing needs adult’s supervision.

Muscle Development

Large and small muscle a 2-year old child develops in this age.

  • Two year old kid moves well, walking and running are easy for them. They can walk and run forwards and backwards.
  • She can even walk up and down the stair holding onto the railing or your hand.
  • She can toss or roll balls. She also likes game sand songs that involve actions and they are able to imitate the actions.
  • She can use her fingers and hands to manipulate small objects she picks.
  • When playing toys, she knows how to put them together and put them apart. Handedness is not fully established but a child will have a preferred hand when scribbling things.