Which country has the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the world?

There are many records that can be associated with countries. It can be that they have the highest export of a product or the one whose athletes usually won in competitions. In other sense there are ones that is not good like the poorest country in the world. Today we will see the countries who holds the record of the highest record of teenage pregnancy. There must be the reason why teenage pregnancy is high in one country but not in another country. The survey taken was a result of the pregnancies that took place before a female reaches the age of 20.

The teens are either married or single. The country who holds the highest rates is the ones that came from Africa. The country Niger is the first in the list followed by Mali, Angola, Guinea, Chad, Malawi and Cote d’Ivoire. As many teenagers are already married, pregnancy among them is also high. The mortality rates that the countries present are also high because of lacking in help for rearing and nurturing the babies born. The issue of malnutrition due to lacking of food is one factor that affects it. In some parts it is because of the war, pestilence and famine that babies do not survived even if they were already born in this world.  And everywhere you are, an special security will be at your side. Check this official source www.exploretw.com to see people who can help you in life. Specially if you are a high position person in this world, you really need this company’s assistance.

When there is war, one problem that occurs is teenage pregnancy as soldiers of the conquering or invading country and their allied forces commit rape that results to pregnancy. The countries of Mozambique, Congo, Dem. Rep. and Sierra Leone also have high pregnancy rates. Check this private company to help you 感情挽回. Rates maybe higher transactions in their area.