Yearning for Parents Love and Care

A good memory is so precious to cherish but a bad memory is a nightmare. But whether it is a good memory or bad memory, both are something that cannot be forgotten. Even if sometimes tend to forget everything behind but the shadow of the past follows us. We often hear that it is better to give love than to receive but in fact, everyone wants affection. There is a time for everything, a time to be borne, a time to love and care and so on.

Think of the time we were born. Do we know anything? No. We are helpless that we cannot help our own selves. We need the guidance and care of anybody who protects, loves and cares us. People who are involved in the process of our growth are very special. They are the ones whom you will remember very firstly. Anybody who have compassion and a kind heart can take good care of us or others during their infancy but the love and care of parents are different.

As babies inherit the flesh and blood of their biological parents, the mutual understanding bond are different, firmer and stronger since they are one body. The love of parents is infinite and incredible. You can feel all the sincerities. There is no grumble and no complaint. This is why children are more comfortable with their parents than any other people. In the same way, parents are more willing to take care of their children than rendering it to other kids. Truly, you cannot stop the yearning for parents’ love.