In the Time of Growing

Numerous factors affect a child in his time of growth. These factors include environmental aspects, neighbors, climate, lifestyle and others. In most cases, people’s personality and characters are built depending on how they were treated, cared, loved and guided during their childhood days. In rare cases, even if they are guided and cared in a right path or in undesirable ways, their personality and characters may differ as they will have understanding and insights to know what is good and bad.

Some, even though they were cared righteously, may possess unpleasant personalities. Others also, even though they were cared in an undesirable way, may possess pleasant personalities. But on top of that, his environment and people around him during the time of his growth has the bigger impact on him as a being. It is because during the time when he is growing is the time he is acquiring new things, information, knowledge and so on. So what he sees and witnesses may all seem right even if some things are not.

Therefore, during the time of a child’s growth and development, proper care and guidance is very essential to be given to him. Parental guidance is a must. Who else will give the child’s his needs, physical, emotional, social and spiritual support than his parents? Parents teaching, motivation, empowerment and inspiration give a great impact to the child. Children need their parents. To whom shall they depend? To whom shall they receive love from? Only from their beloved parents.