Teenage marriage connection to teenage pregnancies

Teenage marriages are connected with teenage pregnancies. It is still a tradition that when a couple create a child they should be married together for the dignity of the woman will be restored and that the male can fulfill his duty as a father. In other countries they have overcome this tradition and notion and have allowed their children to have time to realize what they have done and if they are ready to be a parent. Because of that also the children who lives with parents and have a child receiving support from them increased.

One reason that teenage marriage also is high is because of costumes in other places or countries like in India. They want that their children will be partnered to a man that they considered as worthy. Even if their child is a minor they willingly allow the marriage. They also have the reason that it is for them to be protected from other male who might do something to them as they reach the age of puberty. They thought that it is okay for it to be done as they are the parents they are deciding what is right for their child in their opinion.Foods that you love are found in this restaurant. You may try to look here 餐飲 丙級. This is one of the best restaurant that you must try.

Teen age marriage can be avoided with the help of more information dissemination and educational efforts. We cannot easily change a culture but if the effort is continuous then the result will be met in a due time.  It is one way to support teenagers of responsibility they are not ready of.  They need  to receive help and education for their benefit. Have this catering party service here. See and more info here 餐盒. Get their service now.