Stages of Human Development: From Birth to 9 months of age

Human development is one of the most amazing works of the Almighty. If we see it every day it seems we just see a baby but if we know how they were developed from the physical and language skill and ability, emotional and social capacity and characteristics, we will be amazed on how it was done. It is only through the grace of the higher being that it can be done. Even at the kind of technology and science we have now, still no one can produce a machine that can develop a human like that.

When a baby is formed in the womb many changes occur in it for it to be ready to be given birth. At that time a transformation also happens.  They are then nurtured by their mother depending on the breast milk that came from them as their physical food. In their social aspect they are helpless and needs continual care. They can only cry to signify what they want and feel. They then start to recognize faces and learn to smile when they reach 2 months to 6 months. They can also now see color and know the face of their mother. They want to be cuddled and speak even if it cannot be understood. You can have your visa application approval from this agency’s help. Check or read more from this page. This looks so helpful and greatly needed.

Physically they can now control some physical movements like their head.  They can sit eve if no one is holding them and can crawl at this time. They do not want to be separated from their mothers and wants to play peek a boo. Their growth is a wonderful thing especially to their mother just as an interior designer is content of his article. Most of mothers travel to make the best preparation for future. And this agency helps you get travel visa, see this blog link Go over the link to help you appoint online schedule.