Two-year Old Baby Behaviors

Behavioral traits differ from children to adults. It changes from time to time. It develops as the range of the environment become wider and wider and as the ideas are accumulated more and more.

Now, let us take some time to talk about the behavior of a two-year old child. Taking good care of a two-year old toddler is not easy. Their behaviors are totally different from adults. So many things are learned in the two-year old stage of life. That is why a two-year old toddler learn so many things. Other than that, they want to test their independence by doing things themselves and yet they are so dependent on the people who take good care of them.

In fact, this is one struggle in taking care of them. As they want to explore and do thing only by themselves, they will try to touch everything. But since they cannot do it by themselves in reality, guidance is needed. If guidance is neglected, there can be accidents. In this case, your toddler needs your understanding and love. Despite their limitations and dependence, they think they can do, that is why they are busy doing many things even causing mess and disorganization.

As a toddler caretaker, you need to be patient and do not be upset even if it is annoying so that they will not get frustrated. Eating, brushing their teeth, putting on and off of clothes, washing hands are some of the activities they want to do themselves. As a parent, your consistency is important for the toddler. It is because your toddlers cannot control themselves. They are still on the process of learning self-control and they have difficulty in controlling their aggressiveness.